No. 2: Spanish Joint


This relaxing wind-down candle is inspired by those evenings when we are forced to slow down, reflect, unwind and release all the tension. Perfectly combining sweet florals of lavender and vanilla and balanced with musky earth mid notes of jasmine and cedarwood – this invigorating fragrance is specifically formulated to aid relaxation and recovery.

Ingredients: ethically grown soy wax, delicate fragrance oils, and cotton-core wicks. Our massage candles are hand-poured into our signature apothecary-inspired hexagonal jars, and finished with a twist-on lid.

Made, packaged, and shipped from our studio in London, England.

“Whenever it rains I feel this way
A little somethin’ to get me through this day
Give me a little that, no time flat
Gonna be a good thing
Serene, but in need of feelin’ free
Lettin’ go and landin’ on my feet
Brushed the dirt off my back, no time flat
Gonna be a good thing”
 Spanish Joint, D’Angelo (1999)